Wellness Tips From Our Experts

May 1, 2023 /imcdaniels

In our monthly Beck Institute Cares newsletter, we share valuable tips on maintaining your wellbeing from one of our expert […]

Can New Technology Help Improve Mental Health?

April 21, 2023 /sfleming

Across the globe, most individuals with mental health conditions do not receive treatment, let alone evidence-based care. Barriers to effective […]

An Introduction to CBT for Bipolar Disorder

March 15, 2023 /sfleming

What is Bipolar Disorder? Bipolar disorder (BD) is a mood disorder characterized by recurring periods of depressed mood alternating with […]

Fostering Healthier Relationships with CBT

January 30, 2023

By Sue Schonberg, PhD, ABPP Romantic relationships can be complex for many reasons. Someone married for 20 years may believe […]

How to Find the Right CBT Therapist for You

January 17, 2023

By Judith S. Beck, PhD You may be surprised to learn that anyone can call themselves a “cognitive behavior therapist,”—yes, […]

Beck Institute’s Panel Discussion on Youth Mental Health

November 15, 2022 /sfleming

On October 29, 2022, Beck Institute welcomed registrants from 109 countries to an important panel discussion on the youth mental […]

How Cognitive Behavior Therapy Helps Veterans

November 10, 2022 /sfleming

At Beck Institute, we believe that our military veterans should receive excellent mental health care both during and after deployment. […]

Youth Mental Health in 2022: A Discussion About Accountability and Access

September 22, 2022 /sfleming

Meet the Moderator: Robert Friedberg, PhD, ABPP On October 29, Beck Institute will host a virtual panel discussion for the […]

Helping Kids Solve Problems

August 16, 2022 /sfleming

By Judith S. Beck, PhD Resilience has become a buzzword in parenting recently, with dozens of books, websites, blogs, and […]

Seven Steps to Better Anger Management

June 17, 2022 /sfleming

By Norman Cotterell, PhD Anger is built on expectations. We expect people to treat us fairly and they don’t.  We […]