Our Mission

Founded in 1994 by Dr. Aaron Beck and Dr. Judith Beck, Beck Institute is a 501(c)3 nonprofit with the mission of improving lives worldwide through excellence and innovation in Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Recovery-Oriented Cognitive Therapy.

Our Work

Developing and testing effective treatments for mental health conditions is only the beginning. Effective treatments exist for many of the health and mental health problems facing individuals around the world today. But many individuals aren’t aware of, or don’t have access to, these treatments. They may not be available in their locale, appropriately adapted to their language or culture, or they may simply be unaffordable.  

At Beck Institute, we train health and mental health professionals in a range of public and private settings around the world to deliver excellent evidence-based care to their clients. We also work to raise awareness of effective treatments and educate the public about CBT and other evidence-based therapies.

We envision a world where individuals can access effective therapies that help them get better and stay better. 

Meet Our Team

Learn more about the dedicated people who bring Beck Institute’s nonprofit mission to life.

Our Impact

Learn how Beck Institute brings excellent CBT training to professionals and organizations around the world, helping therapists provide better care to their clients.