“So beneficial—I’ve had such a great experience. So many people really struggle with this, but there is help out there. And it works. ”
Caroline, Weight Management Coaching Client
Weight Management Coaching Sessions

Program Director Deborah Beck Busis, LCSW, has immediate openings for online weight management coaching sessions! Ms. Busis teaches her clients the cognitive and behavioral skills they need to build and maintain healthy habits, lose weight, and maintain their weight loss long term.  

One-time consultations can help clients get started using the Beck Institute Weight Management Program or can be used to discuss specific weight loss problems. Weekly sessions can be used to create a unique eating and exercise plan specific to a client’s needs. In addition to weekly sessions, Ms. Busis offers clients daily accountability: her clients email her every night, and she responds every morning. 

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Weight Management Pamphlet

This downloadable resource explains how cognitive and behavioral strategies can help individuals meet their weight loss and maintenance goals.  

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