The Venn Diagram of Food Decisions

November 21, 2023/sfleming

One of the concepts I talk about with all of my clients is using a Venn Diagram (i.e. two overlapping […]


September 19, 2023/sfleming

Our Fall Weight Management webinar series is coming up in November! Join us for this engaging live six-part series and […]

CBT and the New Weight Loss Medications

August 22, 2023/sfleming

Do you have clients who struggle with weight loss or maintaining motivation to achieve their health goals? Join Weight Management […]

Keep It Moving

January 12, 2023/sfleming

Our Spring 2024 Weight Management Webinar Series is Open for Registration! Begin your personal health and weight loss journey with […]

Ideal Plan vs. Reasonable Plan

December 1, 2022/sfleming

When we first started working together, my client, Gina, was struggling to make healthy eating choices and establish healthy habits […]

Amazing. Confident. In Control.

September 15, 2022/sfleming

My client, Alyssa, was really struggling to get on track and feel in control of her eating. The hardest time […]

Refocusing on the Basics

August 2, 2022/emattson

I’ve been working with my client, Jamie, for close to a year. When we first started working together, Jamie was […]

Consider A New Manager

March 31, 2022/emattson

Over the course of our work together these past few months, my client, Jason, has slowly been realizing that he’s […]

Hair Trigger Hopeless/Helpless Mode 

March 8, 2022/mhayes

In session this week my client, Katy, told me she was having a tough time. She had a stressful work […]