Some of our dieters have been noticing an interesting side effect from their own efforts toward healthy eating and exercise: they are having a positive impact on those around them. Roxanne has noticed this happening lately.  Part of the reason she initially gained weight was due to eating eat big, unhealthy lunches with her friends. 

After coming to our group, Roxanne started monitoring her calorie intake and realized that she was spending way too many on lunch (discussed on Day 15 of The Beck Diet Solution).  She also became more aware of what she was eating and started to make healthier food choices so she could get the most satisfaction from the more limited amount she was eating (Day 16). fastfood.jpg 

Roxanne says that after she stopped ordering big hoagies and fast food for lunch, her friends in the office followed suit and instead started opting for healthier lunches (with more protein).  Now they turn to Roxanne to be the model for healthy eating, and she is only too willing to share her knowledge.  Roxanne says that her family, too, has started eating more nutritiously with her, and she is thrilled with the unexpected spillover effect her healthy diet is having on those around her.