Sabotaging Thought: "Ugh, I should track today, but it takes so much time and is overwhelming! I will track tomorrow.”

Response: If it’s truly overwhelming, then I need to break it down into steps and work up to tracking everything (like just do breakfast for a few days, then over the course of the next few days and weeks add in lunch, then dinner, then snacks). It’s crucial that I set goals that are achievable! If I really can track but am feeling too much inertia to get myself to do it, I need to make a list of all the reasons it’s worth it to me to track and start reading it multiple times a day. Also, it would help to get myself to track everything today and really count up the number of minutes it actually takes. Then when I start thinking it takes too long, I can remind myself, “Although it does take 10 minutes/20 minutes/50 minutes (etc.) a day, it’s worth it if this is the one step that will help me reach my goals.”