My client, Jessica, got off track during the holidays (which is far too easy to do!). When I met with her this week, she told me she was tired of feeling out of control, tired of avoiding the scale, tired of worrying about her clothes fitting, and tired of not feeling good about her eating choices. Her mind and her body were suffering as a result of being off track, and she was done with it! We discussed what steps she would start taking in order to rebuild her resistance muscle. We decided that this week she would concentrate on eating Hand writing out a list.everything slowly and mindfully while sitting down, write down/track everything she eats (but not worry about total calories yet), and give herself credit.

While Jessica wanted to immediately get back to putting a calorie cap on how much she was eating per day (knowing that this is what will help her lose weight again), I reminded her that just doing the things we discussed would be a stretch. When trying to rebuild her resistance muscle, consistency is key. It’s critical to commit to goals that she can actually accomplish and follow through with every day. If we made goals that were too much of a stretch, she likely would be able to do it some days but not every day, and that doesn’t build the resistance muscle.

Jessica said she understood but just wanted to be “doing it” already since she was so motivated. I said to her, “By doing these things this week, you will be ‘doing it.’ ‘Doing it’ doesn’t just mean doing every single thing you ultimately need to do to get back on track and see the scale go down. ‘Doing it’ is also every step that leads you there. You can’t get there without these steps first, so from this moment on you are doing it!” Jessica made a Response Card to remind herself that in doing these things, she absolutely is “doing it.”