We’ve received questions following our last blog about the nature of the workshops we gave in California last week. These were one-day workshops that we’ll be repeating in Portland, Seattle, Houston, and Dallas in early February (see https://www.iahb.org/html/beck_diet.html for detailed information). Health and mental health professionals, diet and life coaches, and consumers attended.

The workshops taught participants the essential ideas from The Beck Diet Solution and The Beck Diet Solution Weight Loss Workbook. They were lively and interactive-lots and lots of questions, contests (e.g., who can come up with the greatest number of sentence completers for “It’s okay to eat this food because……”), and role-playing. A number of people played themselves or role-played someone else so we could demonstrate how to work with particularly difficult problems (cravings, emotional eating, ambivalence about dieting, a sense of unfairness, and giving up too easily, to name a few). We were so pleased that a number of people flew to California from many parts of the country to attend the workshops and we got a chance to talk to so many people who have been losing weight as a result of the book or workbook.

If you do attend one of our workshops, please come up and introduce yourself!  We always love meeting people who are using TBDS with themselves or others and hearing about their successes and challenges.