All or nothing thinking is a common thought distortion we all have. This dichotomous form of thinking is commonly observed these days in our tendency to be bias in our own political beliefs. We favor information that supports our political inclination, and are bias against those who do not agree with it. 

However, even in approaches to psychiatric conditions, there is a tendency to only see it in all or nothing terms. Either primarily through a biological perspective (medications) or primarily through a psychosocial perspective (psychotherapy) alone. As a psychiatrist, I treat my patients in a biopsychosocial approach in which these different areas are all considered.

In my private practice, I combine the judicious use of medication and psychotherapy. In psychotherapy, I primarily treat patients using Cognitive behavioral therapy, and incorporate aspects of Psychodynamic Therapy, Family dynamics, DBT, and Behavioral Sleep techniques.

The role of our perception in our lives has always resonated with me from not only an academic standpoint but also a personal one. And that is why I am also deeply honored to be the 1st Beck Institute CBT Certified Clinician in the Philippines.

Master Clinician
Ryan Edward T. Rabago, MD, FPPA
Valid Through December 31, 2028
Areas of Focus
  • Adults
  • Adolescents
  • Anxiety
  • Depression