My name is Jerry and I am a licensed therapist (LPCC) in California specializing in individual therapy. A bilingual Beck Institute CBT Certified Clinician with almost 10 years of counseling experience, I primarily work with young adults treating depression and anxiety, as well as other common issues like relationship problems, career issues, dating issues, men’s issues, cultural issues, purpose and identity, self-esteem, phase-of-life transitions, LGBQT issues, trauma, grief/bereavement, and anger. Ultimately, I am passionate about empowering clients to create the positive direction they want in life. 

As a board-certified telehealth provider, I provide these specialized services to clients through virtual video that is private, confidential, and secure. This facilitates a meaningful and quality therapeutic relationship in the comfort and convenience of your own home (or couch!). 

Certified Clinician
Jerry Ochoa, LPCC
Valid Through December 31, 2026
Areas of Focus
  • Young Adults
  • Depression
  • Anxiety Disorders
  • Relationship Problems
  • Career Issues
  • Men’s Issues