My own holistic approach to CBT is informed by the work of Dr Beck, and inspired by many theorists, particularly the work of psychoanalyst Karen Horney (1885-1952) who believed individuals can develop “just as an acorn develops into an oak”.

Throughout my own journey in life, I have developed the ability to truly listen, to hear what is said and unsaid, to understand the depth within each one of us unique beings as being multifaceted I believe, as such, the types of therapy provided must also be multifaceted.  To be able to support anyone through their own journey is my vocation, not my job.  I carry with me a passionate abundance of hope in my heart to rekindle the personal relationship you share within the ‘self’, to learn to value yourself as the unique and undefinable person you truly are.

My personal life, like many others, has not been plain sailing, nor a bed of roses.  I have battled cancer, mental health problems, grief, heartache just like many others who read this now. I can vividly recall one night at the beginning of chemotherapy in 2005, my body couldn’t cope with the strain, and I became gravely ill.  That night, my family were called to my bedside and I remember growing weaker, I could no longer squeeze my mother’s hand back to ease her worry, my pain was unbearable and as the night progressed, my health deteriorated, the strangest thing happened. One second changed my life. 

For the first time in my life, I had lost everything, I had no fight, no hope, I had no hunger for life having never knew who I really was, a shell , empty, without purpose.  I had nothing left apart from my own thoughts and on reflection, this afforded me the perfect opportunity to listen…but to who?…  I remember silently saying the words ‘help me’ words that came from no where and everywhere all at once as if begging me to listen and to this day I believe the person I spoke with, was the deepest part of my spirit.  Nothing outside of me was part of my world in that moment.  My own mortal words will never express the intensity of this life experience, this turning point, but in an instant, I changed.  The most immense sense of peace came over me, my pain eased greatly and after a short time, I began to go from strength to strength on road to recovery. 

Aaron Beck talked about the connection between the mind and body and its so true, I have lived it and perhaps this is part of my passion for CBT.  Our body is the barometer of our soul.  It tells the truth of what we hide if we learn to listen to ourselves and CBT helps us listen in many ways. 

My life experiences have taught me that we have all we need.  My role is simply to help you to find the resources within to achieve you’re goals.

My holistic approach is not prescriptive, but evolutionary and adaptive….no two individuals are the same and so, my approach to therapy is very much in keeping with the ability to be authentically flexible throughout our sessions.  I have developed skills and trained in therapies which I integrate (e.g. clinical hypnotherapy, aromatherapy, herbology, reiki and other energetic therapies), so to be able to adapt to meet the idiosyncratic needs within the mind, body and soul of the ‘self’.

“Every second is a second chance!” so why wait?

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Catrina Bell
Valid Through December 31, 2026
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