I am a consultant Psychiatrist and Child and Adolescents Psychiatrist. I graduated from Faculty of Medicine, Al-Azhar University in 2007, and obtained a master’s degree in NeuroPsychiatry from the same university. I started his training and practicing psychiatry immediately after graduation.

I worked as a child and adolescent psychiatrist at Dayman Ashab Center and developed it until I reached the rank of its medical director. I also worked at Dar Al Mokattam for Mental Health and a number of NGOs working with violence victims and refugees, worked in the General Secretariat of Mental Health, and worked as a director of the Media and Public Relations Department and was one of the founders of the Mental Health Hotline.

I then founded Psych Clinics in 2017 and am still developing the project to reach a wider base of mental health services seekers. I also founded Belaraby Initiative – the Arabic Psychological Awareness Project – which aims to create mental health awareness video content aiming to break the stigma of mental illness.

I have received many specialized trainings in psychotherapy and have experience in applying the techniques of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (trained at Beck Institute – USA), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (trained at Linehan Institute – USA) Couple Therapy (Emotion Focused Therapy), and Dynamic Therapy and Trauma Therapy in addition to his specialization in child and adolescent psychiatry.

I believe psychotherapy is an art practiced collaboratively between the therapist and the client. I integrate all the techniques I masters to help the client reach my goals, heal, recover, and build a better-balanced life.

Certified Clinician
Ahmad Aboul-Wafa
Valid Through December 31, 2027
Areas of Focus
  • Children and adolescents
  • General adults
  • Couples