I am a clinical psychologist & sexologist. My aim is to provide reliable and straightforward knowledge in a supportive atmosphere. I believe that every person has a unique history and should be an expert in their own life. During our therapy work, I will support you in exploring your history and discovering patterns that you may not even be aware of so that you could gain more knowledge and control of your attitudes and beliefs. I will also help you identify your distressing thoughts and evaluate how realistic these thoughts are. Therapy will give you individually based strategies and tools adapted to your needs in the current situation but also will give you confidence in how to deal with any challenges present in the future. During our therapy work, I focus on collaborative relationship – we work together on figuring out what is not working currently in your life, what are your values and aspirations and how to let you achieve them.

Certified Clinician
Agnieszka Czeluscinska-Peczkowska, PhD
Valid Through December 31, 2028
Areas of Focus
  • adults
  • couples
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • trauma
  • sexual issues