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Honeymoon Phase Eating

When I first started working with my client Jeff, he was feeling somewhat out of control of his eating. He […]

Shoulds and Shouldn’ts

One of the most important skills we work on with all our clients is giving themselves credit. Every time a […]

Hot Brain vs. Cool Brain

My client Jess has been having trouble sticking to her weekend food plans. She’s doing great staying on track when […]

Doing Your “Best”

There’s Still Time to Join Us in Our Advanced CBT Strategies for Weight Management Webinar Series! Registration for our first […]

Off-Track Mentality

A few months ago, my client Jess was struggling. She had a sick family member, a stressful work period, and […]

Busy Work Period Blueprint

When I first started working with my client Jeff, he was in a period of struggle. He had fallen into […]

How Full Do I Want to Feel?

While my client April was out running errands last week, she realized that it was past lunch and she was […]

All-Or-Nothing Exercise

One of the biggest mistakes I see many of my clients make about exercise is that they display all-or-nothing thinking […]

Fantasy vs. Reality

My client Jeff was in the habit of eating a whole pizza several nights per week. While he knew this […]

A Different Type of Food Pusher

My client Megan had several hard days this past week. She told me that, on three separate occasions, she ended […]