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Supermarket Strategy

A question to ask when you’re considering buying a specialty item is “Where does this food fit into my meal plan for the week?”

Breaking the All-Or-Nothing Cycle

We can’t artificially manufacture not craving dessert but we can plan for how much dessert we’re going to have and use strategies to stick to our plan.

Our Brains Get It Wrong

Why is it so difficult for us to achieve our health goals? One reason is that our brains get it wrong.

The Venn Diagram of Food Decisions

One of the concepts I talk about with all of my clients is using a Venn Diagram (i.e. two overlapping […]


Our Fall Weight Management webinar series is coming up in November! Join us for this engaging live six-part series and […]

Refocusing on the Basics

I’ve been working with my client, Jamie, for close to a year. When we first started working together, Jamie was […]

Consider A New Manager

Over the course of our work together these past few months, my client, Jason, has slowly been realizing that he’s […]

Entitlement vs. Treat

Most of the clients I work with have “slippery slope” habits – old habits that they’ve managed to leave behind […]

Let It Slide?

My client Tara helps run conferences (which are currently all virtual), and she is in the thick of a busy […]

Evening Treats

In session this week, my client Lisa told me she was struggling in the evenings. While she found it fairly […]