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Our Brains Get It Wrong

Why is it so difficult for us to achieve our health goals? One reason is that our brains get it wrong.

The Venn Diagram of Food Decisions

One of the concepts I talk about with all of my clients is using a Venn Diagram (i.e. two overlapping […]


Our Fall Weight Management webinar series is coming up in November! Join us for this engaging live six-part series and […]

Friday Weekend Warm-up – March 5, 2021

Friday Weekend Warm-up: If you eat out this weekend, decide in advance what to have! In-the-moment decisions are the hardest […]

Thursday Think Tip – March 4, 2021

Thursday Think Tip: Everyone has stress in their lives, so we can’t use feeling stressed as a reason to let […]

Wednesday Sabotage – March 3, 2021

Wednesday Sabotage: It’s so unfair that I have to work on this and other people don’t. Response: Chances are, they’re […]

Tuesday Reality Check – March 2, 2021

Tuesday Reality Check: Make sure you have healthy, fast snacks readily available. If you do, chances are high you’ll eat […]

Monday Motivation – March 1, 2021

Monday Motivation: It’s the first day of March, so now is a great time to set some small, achievable goals […]